• CBT-I (for Insomnia)

    390,00 410,00  MwSt. inbegriffen
    This 2-day seminar is for people who have insomnia or are treating others with insomnia. CBT-I is a fast and effective treatment option that promotes healthy sleep and therefore diminishes the sufferer’s elevated risk of accidents due to sleep deprivation. The seminar promises quick results, motivating the client to continue the sleep disorder treatment. Contents: - CBT-I - Vicious circle sleep disorders - Cognitive Restructuring - Concrete measures for sleep disorders: Sleep restriction, stimulus control. Schlafrestriktion, „Grübelstuhl“, „Gedankenstopp“, Relaxation techniques, sleep hygiene - Individual falling asleep ritual
  • Children with sleep disorders

    65,00 130,00  MwSt. inbegriffen
    As is the case for adults, children might also suffer from sleep disorders that impact their daily lives, cognitive functioning, health, and social surroundings. The institute, therefore, offers treatment designed for the little ones.
  • Healthy Sleep

    390,00 410,00 
    Everyone knows how it feels to get up after a night of poor sleep. The lack of energy and bone-deep tiredness can lead to restlessness, aggression, lack of focus, or difficulty concentrating. Long-term sleep deprivation can lead to deeper health problems ranging from simple burnout to cardiovascular disease. This seminar teaches how to achieve healthier sleep. Topics: Sleep and what we know about it from biomedical point of view, association with burnout and other psychological aspects of diseases; sleep disorders and common treatments; an introduction to sleep coaching, specific techniques improving sleep quality: “what can I change about my behavior to find better sleep?“; techniques for better sleep.
  • Hypnosis

    150,00  MwSt. inbegriffen
    Hypnosis is deep relaxation with high levels of concentration. It is especially suited for the treatment of sleep disorders, dreamwork, and also for smoking cessation and treatment of psychosomatic symptoms.
  • Erscheint im September 2013 224 Seiten mit Abb. 14,6 x 22,0 cm, Hardcover mit SU Preis: € 9,90 inklusive MwSt. zuzüglich € 7,– Versandkosten ISBN 978-3-485-01427-4
  • Seminar: Shift work and sleep

    390,00 410,00  MwSt. inbegriffen
    This workshop looks at each participant’s sleep problems and the consequences. It offers coaching techniques and provides insight into how to achieve better, more restorative sleep. Topics: - Sleep education - Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia - Relaxation techniques/ Hypnosis - Dream and Dreamwork - Gestalt therapy Before taking part in the workshop, the participants will be asked to complete a sleep and dream diary, which will be evaluated and individually discussed during the workshop to find out if specific issues need to be approached.
  • Seminar:Medical hypnosis & awareness for insomnia

    390,00 410,00  MwSt. inbegriffen
    There are different kinds of stress and different ways to cope with them. While Eustress stimulates our minds and bodies, distress is often associated with sleep disorders and has many negative impacts on our health. In this 2-day seminar, relaxation techniques and medical hypnosis are introduced and practiced.
  • Sleep and Dream Diary

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    ISBN: 3-9501952-3-8 Sie können das Buch direkt bei uns im Institut für Bewusstseins- und Traumforschung bestellen. Preis: € 24,– inklusive MwSt. zuzüglich € 7,– Versandkosten.
  • Sleep Coaching

    65,00 130,00  MwSt. inbegriffen
    Schlafcoaching – live and online, Sleppingproblems, Shift work, Dreamwork, Nightmare, Lucid Dreaming and Klarträumen
  • Sleep Disorders – Psychological Guidance and Sleep Coaching

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    Erscheinungsdatum : 13.Dezember 2017 Preise: Gedrucktes Buch Softcover: 34,99 € (D) | 35,97 € (A) | CHF 36,00 zzgl. 7€ Versandkosten eBook 26,99 € (D) | 26,99 € (A) | CHF 28,50 ISBN 978-3-662-54667-3
  • Supervision/Coaching

    130,00  MwSt. inbegriffen
    Coaching is a method for examining, understanding, and reflecting on work tasks, work processes, their organizational context, and the role of the individuals in it. Supervision offers the possibility- also when one is under pressure – of focusing on work quality. Contents: How do we set and re-examine goals? How are roles distributed? Personal motivation vs. team goals? Management of group processes Positively influencing working climate in teams Coping with competition (internal/external) Promoting team building
  • The lucid dream – Research and Practice

    21,34  MwSt. inbegriffen
    Erscheinungsdatum: 31. Oktober 2014 ca. 150 Seiten Preis (D) € 19,40 zuzüglich € 7,– Versandkosten. ISBN: 978-3708911519